Preserve Your Home Value

HomeZada does so much more than just inventory your home.  After you sign up, take a look around and discover how this digital hub can help you preserve your most valuable asset ... your home.


In addition to inventorying your home, HomeZada's Digital Home App helps you keep up with critical home maintenance.

After quite a few sales with unfavorable home inspections resulting in the sellers paying hefty buyer credits to save the sale…  it occurred to me, if homeowners and investors perform necessary routine home maintenance, they can preserve their property value.

Whether it's your personal residence or an investment property, deferred maintenance always impacts property in an adverse way. In my 25+ years as a real estate broker on the Brevard FL Space Coast, I have viewed hundreds of home inspection reports and not once have I seen a report that says, "this home is perfect and has no issues at all" regardless of how immaculate the home may have looked.


The problem  . . . how do property owners know what to do and when?

 I am excited to introduce you to HomeZada an all-in-one digital home management program that allows you to schedule routine maintenance and so much more. Check out all the facets of HomeZada and Start Free Now!

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