Move-In Certified Home


How did a real estate market that was on fire, end up moving at a snail's pace?



The last four years, I have helped sellers on the Brevard FL Space Coast save thousands of dollars when they listed and sold their property with my Move-In Certified program. But the market shifted, I'm sure you're aware that people are hesitant to buy homes right now, not just because of the high interest rates, but increased homeowner insurance premiums as well.


The truth is, it may years before we see the interest rates come down. Which is why I enhanced my Move-In Certified program with a Thrifty Listing Plan which meets the demands for this challenging real estate market. It puts buyers financially at ease about purchasing a home and gives the seller the best terms and conditions.


The Thrifty Listing Plan is ideal for sellers and it appeals to buyers as well. This Plan can help sellers get the best price, terms and conditions, in spite of the high interest rates. It also provides reassurance to buyers about buying your home which is move-in certified when it's listed for sale.


If you're planning to sell, I encourage you to review my guide that explains the seller advantages of getting Move-In Certified and listing your home with the Thrifty Listing plan.