Move-In Certified

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Waiting to see what issues your home may have with a buyer’s home inspection actually puts you at a disadvantage. 


Regardless of the fact that an “As Is” contract states the seller is not required to remedy home inspection issues, buyers still request repairs and or credits after their home inspection. 

 Sellers often end up providing over inflated credits to move forward with closing the transaction.


Move-In Certified homes tend to sell faster
with a stronger selling price.

The Move-In Certified Guide explains, need to know information about how homeowners insurance now impacts sellers, the advantages of being move-in certified before you list your home for sale and much more.


The real estate market is shifting, interest rates are increasing and a selling strategy is a must!

I am helping sellers on the Brevard FL Space Coast save thousands of dollars when they sell & move with my Move-In Certified program.

Download my Move-In Certified Guide and learn how you get the sellers advantage. 







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