Guest Post by, Mike Longsdon with Elder Freedom

Simplify and Downsize in Your Retirement Years, it's something to contemplate. Whether you're approaching retirement or downsizing after the kids have left home, you may find moving is harder than when you were younger. In addition to facing more physical strain, there are many emotions that come with leaving behind a home where you've made so many memories. During this emotional time, it's possible that you'll overlook or forget important tasks. One solution is to hire senior move managers who help you relocate smoothly, working with you from the day you get Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL Realtor to put the house on the market for sale to the day you finally settle into your new home.


Hire a Senior Move Manager

It's important to find a senior move manager who is reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. Use the following steps for choosing a move manager:

  • Ask friends, family, and co-workers if they've worked with these professionals. Real estate agents or members of the community where you're moving may also be valuable resources.

  • Research senior move managers in your area and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities, as explained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Reach out to the Better Business Bureau for customer references to contact.

  • Always ask service providers to verify proper licensing and insurance coverage.


Compare the Services and Cost Breakdown

Before you finalize your decision, carefully compare the services provided by each move manager. The details of each service provider may vary, but some services are fairly standard:

  • Choosing a realtor to sell the family home

  • Decluttering and presenting the home

  • Helping you downsize

  • Organizing an estate sale

  • Packing furnishings and possessions

  • Loading moving trucks

  • Unpacking at the new home

  • Setting up furniture and arranging other belongings


Find out whether you'll be charged per service or whether all services come as a package deal. It's helpful to determine your budget ahead of time, so you don't find yourself paying more than you expected. Follow these budgeting tips according to experienced movers.


Compare Moving Costs

In addition to comparing services, you should consider how you'll be charged. Look for a senior move manager who provides a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Your final bill may be lower than the estimate, but you won't be charged more. A binding estimate means that you'll pay a fixed amount even if you believe the mover overestimated the weight of your belongings. With a non-binding estimate, you may pay more or less than the original quoted estimate.


Settle Into Your New Home

One important step you need to take before your move is complete is having the locks re-keyed. Use the same steps to find a reputable locksmith that you used to choose your move manager, including asking people you know for recommendations, reviewing customer testimonials, and making sure that licensing, bonding, and insurance are in order. Some local locksmiths may offer a warranty. When it comes to comparing costs, keep in mind that an average door re-key runs between $50 to $150 per lock, but costs may vary from one location to another.


When the stress of downsizing your belongings and leaving your home and neighbors behind is over, you still need to settle into your new home. Fortunately, experienced senior move managers help you get comfortable and make sure that you're safe in your new home.


Share the Load

After a lifetime of looking after and caring for others, you deserve the chance to simplify tasks during your retirement years. When you hire a senior move manager, you can still be involved in the important decisions, but you won't have to carry the burden of those decisions alone, while a realtor like Agi will ensure that your property’s value is preserved so you get the best possible ROI. Get in touch with Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL Realtor with Space Coast Realty & Investments, LLC today! 321-698-0021