Moving after retirement can be very exciting. It’s the chapter of your life that you have probably been dreaming about for some time. You no longer have to live near your place of employment, and you’re free to go make a new home wherever you wish.

For many people, that’s Florida. With warm winters and lots of outdoor activities available, it’s no wonder it’s been the top destination for retirees for decades. While the entire state has lots to offer everyone, you might find the hidden gem you’ve been searching for on Florida’s Space Coast. Besides its gorgeous beaches, you’ll be able to experience a rocket launch up close, embark on a cruise from beautiful Port Canaveral, or just simply walk the beautiful Brevard beaches that stretch for miles on end.

Contact the Brevard FL Realtors with Coastal Life Properties and let them introduce you to the beautiful properties available there, as well as all the things that make the area unique and perfect for retirees. You can also check homes for sale in 55+ communities at Another useful resource is Brevard Florida Living which has events, places to eat and more on the Brevard Florida Space Coast.

Before the Move

The first step is to start with the home you already have. If you have lived in your current house for a long time, chances are that you know where everything is and you’ve got things pretty well organized. This will help you avoid unnecessary stress when it comes to the moving process. Start early and pack things up gradually, making sure to mark each box clearly and keep a corresponding ledger with that box’s number and contents. Before hiring a mover, go online and get unbiased reviews to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable business.

Move all the items that will make your new place feel like home, but don’t try to recreate what you’re leaving either. Your new home should reflect your new lifestyle and community. If it doesn’t have a lot of sentimental value, you can probably sell or donate it rather than move it.

Bring things with you in your car or carry-on bags that are too important to chance being lost. Those might be birth and marriage certificates, health records and prescription drugs, your will, and all other vital records and immediate necessities.

Your New Home

Once you’ve moved your furnishings in, check to be sure that the homeowner’s insurance you’ve purchased is adequate for your home and belongings. Home insurance rates are influenced by factors such as your location: Is your area prone to natural disasters-are you close to a shoreline? The cost of replacing your home is another factor. Any insurance company you contact will look at your credit and claims history, too. Before choosing a provider, take into account coverage, costs, and benefits. Different insurance companies might suit your needs better if they provide coverage for things that are important to you, like electronics coverage or identity theft. Some insurers will let you bundle your homeowners’ insurance with your automobile policy, offering a discounted rate when you do. There are resources to help you in finding the best rates for home insurance.

You might want to look into purchasing a home warranty for the things that your homeowner’s insurance will not cover, as well, like replacing HVAC systems or major appliances. Again, options for home warranty companies are plenty, so make sure to do your research, comparing various providers’ coverage options and rates and weighing them with your needs.

If you’ll be working from home, start off right by making it as stress-free as possible with lots of cabinets to store things and keep them from becoming clutter. And choose a room with a great view so you can enjoy your new surroundings even when you’re working.

You’ll also want to revitalize spaces that you will be spending lots of time in, like your kitchen. Updated appliances will make cooking food for your family more pleasurable, as well as convenient. An under-the-cabinet range hood, for instance, will vent grease and smoke as you cook, keeping your kitchen an open and inviting space.

Of course, your home’s needs do not end here. If you need new appliances and other home implements, make sure to research and read consumer reviews to make your investments worthwhile.

Get to Know Your New Home Town

Take some time to visit your new city as a tourist would. There are plenty of free things to do on the Brevard FL Space Cast. You could take a walking tour. Look for museums and galleries that are free of charge or at least offer a discounted rate for seniors. Check the local newspapers for upcoming events like fairs and festivals.

Find people with similar interests by looking online at sites like or on Facebook Neighborhood pages.

Then work on becoming a local. Find a favorite grocery store, pharmacy, and movie theater. Make appointments with doctors, dentists and optometrists. Visit the local library and get a library card. See what volunteer opportunities interest you and get involved. There are plenty of ways to make new friends, just look for opportunities and seize them.

Getting a good start by beginning early with your move, finding the perfect home for you, and protecting that new home and its assets will make your move a lot more hassle-free. Then once you’re there, get out and get involved. It won’t be long before your new city feels like home sweet home. 

Guest Post by, Mike Longsdon with Elder Freedom