Swimming pools are so intriguing, people either love them or hate them. As I planned for this piece, I became curious about when the first in-ground pool was built in Florida. Who had the ingenious idea to have a giant hole dug, filled with who knows what, back then the didn’t use cement, then add thousands of gallons of water. I found a post (one time view and then pay) by Mike Lafferty with the Orlando Sentinel who confirmed, Debary Hall, in Volusia County had the first in-ground pool in Florida. 


Of the 7.3 million residences in Florida, including single-family homes and multi-family homes, about 1.1 million of them have pools. That's a whopping 15% of the Florida housing market that has in-ground pools, according too Google, May 2022. A pool can be a fun, attractive addition to a house and usually increases its value. But are the costs of installing and maintaining a pool worth it? Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge.


Adding a swimming pool to your home on the Space Coast

There are pros and cons of adding a swimming pool to your Brevard FL Florida home. First and foremost, there is the expense of actually building and installing a pool. According to Best Pools of Brevard, Inc the cost is $45k to add a basic 15x30 pool with an acrylic finish. Add another $10k for a screened enclosure, another $10k for a spa. Gulp! It’s pricey.



One of the biggest obstacles surrounding adding a pool to your existing home is the logistics. If you plan on building an in-ground pool, you have to not only find enough space for the size you want – but also make sure electrical, water, and septic aren't buried in the area. Sometimes there simply has to be some compromise involved in location and size when adding a pool to your existing home.

Does a pool add value to your home


Recent research suggests that adding an in-ground pool can boost your home’s worth by around 7 percent. But the cost of pool installation and ongoing maintenance expenses may outweigh the potential value increase. More


No doubt, there are quite a few pros and cons of trying to decide if getting a pool is right for your home and your lifestyle. From the added expense of installing it to the maintenance and upkeep of keeping it clean – as well as all the enjoyment of actually using it – there are many factors you’ll need to consider if you’re thinking about getting a pool for your Brevard FL home.


Can a pool add value, yes, but the value it adds, will not allow you to recoup the cost of installation and upkeep.

You may need to come to terms that enjoying a swimming pool with your family is priceless.

Enclosed Screened Pool vs No screen

The best feature of a screened enclosure is that it provides security both from dirt (insects, dust, and debris like fallen leaves) and unwanted visitors (snakes, uninvited guests, birds and of course alligators!).


A screened enclosure also keeps bugs, insects, bees and all other tiny animals off your pool. And if you have an open backyard, screened enclosures are a big help in keeping unwanted guests out of your pool area. Read More

Know the State Law

The Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act (Chapter 515, Florida Statutes) requires pool safety measures for pools built after October 1, 2000. It is the intent of the Legislature that all new residential swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs be equipped with at least one pool safety feature. Download the Consumer Safety Brochure.

More on Residential Swimming Pool Safety 

  1. A pool fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate—enclosing the pool and providing no direct access to it.
  2. An approved pool cover which is fitted to your pool; a simple canvas covering can be a drowning hazard and can entrap a child in the water.
  3. Alarms on all doors and windows leading out to the pool.
  4. A self-closing, self-latching device on all doors that provide direct access from the home to the pool; the release mechanism must be no lower than 54 inches above the floor.

The Florida Department of Health recommends, at a minimum, using a combination of the barriers described above to help ensure your pool is equipped with approved safety features. More about Water Smart Florida


Community Neighborhood Pool


Benefits of Community Pool


Having a pool in your neighborhood pool offers a form of social interaction, for both children and adults. Children who swim at the neighborhood pool are able to make new friends and hone their social skills by spending time with other children their age, participating in a fun activity.


Adults are also able to gain social interaction by meeting new people and getting to know their neighborhoods. Meeting other adults with children who are close in age means that lasting friendships and relationship are being built and people are finding others to share their time with. Read More

Many of the newer communities on the Brevard FL Space Coast have a neighborhood pool in a recreation area with a park setting. While we all know a community pool is great for cooling off on a hot day, why else is the neighborhood pool simply the best? Check out a couple of the reasons to dip your toes in this summer:

It's good Exercise. Swimming is one of the only exercises that give you a full body workout without working up a sweat – literally. It targets the core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. The low-impact activity also works on flexibility, balance, endurance, and muscle strengthening, thanks to the resistance of the water.

According to WebMC, swimming is a good workout for everyone. If you’re pregnant or arthritic, the water’s buoyancy takes stress off joints. It’s also a good addition to workouts for those who have diabetes and/or high cholesterol because it promotes weight loss without inducing high blood pressure. 

It increases the value of your home with out trying to recoup the cost of a private pool. Aside from being a central location for family fun, a community can pool increase the value of your home. One of the biggest benefits to HOA-regulated communities is that they keep the neighborhood looking top-notch, but when it comes to what each home is worth, the community pool works in everyone’s favor.

Pool Homes for Sale in Brevard County FL


Single family homes private pool


There are 401 homes for sale with a private pool and 901 properties for sale with a community pool on the Brevard FL Space Coast. The MLS only allows up to 200 listings on a link so I broke up the listings by residential types and price ranges. 


There are 198 Single family homes for sale with private pool up to $900k 


There are 98 single family homes with priced $900k plus with a private pool 


Single family homes with community pool


There are 147 single family homes priced up to $500k with a community pool 


There are 77 single family homes with community pool priced $500k plus





Condos/Townhomes for sale on the Brevard FL Space Coast



There are 168 condos/townhomes priced up to $350k 



There are 198 condos/townhomes priced $350k to $800k 


There are 58 condos/towhomes for sale $800k plus 


The buyer agents in the Brevard FL Realtor Group are on standby ready to assist you with purchasing a pool home in Brevard County, FL. And me, I am the listing agent of the group, I am also standing by ready to help you sell your pool home whether it has a private pool or community pool.


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