Homeowners insurance is a necessary evil that every homeowner dreads discussing. I get that! But homeowners insurance is evolving. I realized buyers and homeowners need to be informed about changes taking place with Florida homeowners insurance.

In my last episode of #AgiTV I met with Monica Santiago online (our second session), from Assured Partners Insurance to review, Is Your Home Under Insured? Watch the video and learn why it's so important to be properly insured. Just below the video, Monica provides 10 Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Premium

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10 ways to reduce the cost of insurance: 

  1. Shop your insurance rates before your renewal.
  2. Review your coverages to make sure you do not have “Too Much” insurance or coverages you do not need.
  3. Make your home more disaster resistant (hurricane windows, shutters, garage doors etc.)
  4. Improve your home security with a centrally monitored alarm system.
  5. Maintain a good credit record (yes insurance may take into account your credit eligibility when pricing your policy).
  6. Look at bundling your home and auto insurance with the same company for a “Bundle” discount.
  7. Newer homes may receive a discount depending on who the builder of their home is.
  8. Update your insurance company if you get a new roof on your home.
  9. Wind mitigation inspections are great to see if you qualify for an additional insurance discount. This would be eligible for homes over a certain age.
  10. Avoid small claims

Have questions about your insurance? Contact Monica:


Monica Santiago

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Office/fax: 321-926-4729

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e: Monica.Santiago@assuredpartners.com