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June 5, 2022

Brevard FL Coastal Living

What does living a “coastal lifestyle” really mean? Here on the Brevard FL Space Coast, living coastal means time moving just a little bit slower, activities being done at a leisurely pace and strangers smiling and striking up a friendly conversation. Between the calming smell of the sea, the weather and the endless activities – the pins on my Pinterest board portray why you’ll fall in love with coastal living and enjoy a relaxing life living on the Space Coast

Brevard FL Coastal Living

Coastal living on the Brevard FL Space Coast is all about loving water, fun, sand and sun. Boating, fishing, surfing, bicycling, and walking along the ocean are just some of the favored activities residents enjoy living by the waterways along the 72 mile stretch in Brevard County, Fl.

With all that water, it’s no wonder why boating in Brevard is living a coastal way of life. If you don’t have your boat at a private dock,  there are lots of places to launch your boat throughout Brevard County. Many restaurants provide docking up spaces to enjoy grabbing a bite to eat on the water, very much a part of our coastal lifestyle on the Space Coast.

If your searching for a home on the water, I have a page dedicated to waterfront homes. You can also search by subdivision all throughout the Brevard FL Space Coast.

A new coastal life home often inspires new home furnishings and accessories that  exemplifies a coastal lifestyle. Be sure to see the affiliate top name merchants on the Home & Lifestyle page.

May 3, 2022

Two Challenges Investors Face with Short-Term Rentals Brevard FL

Guest post by, Michael Longsdon 

Brevard County is the kind of area real estate investors dream of buying into. With miles of oceanfront views and activities and millions of visitors year-round, a Brevard County rental property is a good investment. And as property prices continue to remain relatively stable, investing in a home here may be a safe bet. However, Agi Anderson explains that new investors have two major obstacles to overcome before they reap the rewards of Brevard County’s strong real estate market.

The Price

High home prices make it challenging for first-time investors to buy into the Brevard County market, especially in exclusive areas like Diana Shores where a single-family home will cost at least $700,000, but investors who know where to look could find a steal. A fantastic resource is an experienced realtor who’s intimately familiar with the area, like Agi Anderson.


While remaining close to the oceanfront lets vacation rental owners charge a premium, homes in the surrounding area can be a good choice for an investment property as well. Palm Bay attracts visitors while offering more moderately priced homes than you’ll find within Melbourne city limits, making it a sound choice for investors.


What investors shouldn’t do is wander too far from the action in search of an affordable price point. Most travelers want to be within 15 to 20 minutes of all that Melbourne has to offer, whether that’s water sports, golfing, or corporate conventions. That means remaining within a short drive of the Space Coast Convention Center, and less if catering primarily to beach enthusiasts.

The Law

Like many popular tourist destinations, Brevard County has had to grapple with the ways that short-term rentals have changed the local housing market, as CNBC points out. While short-term rentals aren’t at risk of being banned in Brevard County, investors do need to comply with local regulations to avoid incurring fines. As there are risks in any business, many rental investors operate as a limited liability company (LLC) to protect their personal assets. If you’re unfamiliar with starting a business, use this guide on how to start a company to help you get started.


Due to the abundance of distinct communities within Brevard County, it is difficult to offer specific guidance about establishing a short-term rental property. However, most short-term rentals are classified as “vacation rentals” under Florida law. Local regulations affecting short-term rentals may change, so consult the local government office for the most current information.


Within town and city limits, buyers should refer to city code. In addition to city and county regulations, short-term rentals may be limited by a homeowner’s association. 


While these factors can make Brevard County an intimidating market for first-time real estate investors, it’s no reason to shy away from buying in this world-class vacation town. Just as Brevard County tourism shows no signs of slowing, nor does its robust real estate market. Investors who get in on the action will enjoy high demand for their vacation rental while knowing they own a little slice of paradise that will only grow in value over the years.


I am Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL REALTOR® on standby ready to assist with your real estate needs on the Brevard FL Space Coast. I am confident you will enjoy navigating my website which features the best real estate information to buy, sell and invest on the Florida Space Coast. Happy to answer questions you may have. You can call / text me at 


A big thanks to Michael Longsdon with I always welcome his contributions!



April 14, 2022

Merritt Island 5 Bedrooms/3 Car Garage

I am starting an early bird preview list to take a look at this fabulous, Merritt Island lakefront home in May, before it goes into the MLS.

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2.5 baths
  • 3 car garage
  • split plan
  • quartz countertops
  • open floor plan

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Jan. 27, 2022

Home Inventory, Why is it Important

A post from the Hartford by Johnna Kaplan and Alaina Tweddale 

The least effective time to categorize your belongings is right after you lose them.

Property damage claims are surprisingly common. Every year, about five in every hundred homeowners file a claim. These claims usually follow a burglary, hailstorm, house fire or other disaster. But what happens if you call your insurance company to file your claim and you can’t remember what items you had in the house?

There is NO COST to get started and inventory your home with

When it comes down to it, it’s important to know which model TV you own, the manufacturer of your sofa-loveseat combo and the year your riding mower was produced. Those seemingly unimportant details about your personal property are the exact elements your insurance company needs to speed up the claims process—so you can recoup your financial losses faster Continue to post

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July 21, 2021

Simplify Downsizing & Moving in Your Retirement Years

Guest Post by, Mike Longsdon with Elder Freedom

Simplify and Downsize in Your Retirement Years, it's something to contemplate. Whether you're approaching retirement or downsizing after the kids have left home, you may find moving is harder than when you were younger. In addition to facing more physical strain, there are many emotions that come with leaving behind a home where you've made so many memories. During this emotional time, it's possible that you'll overlook or forget important tasks. One solution is to hire senior move managers who help you relocate smoothly, working with you from the day you get Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL Realtor to put the house on the market for sale to the day you finally settle into your new home.


Hire a Senior Move Manager

It's important to find a senior move manager who is reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. Use the following steps for choosing a move manager:

  • Ask friends, family, and co-workers if they've worked with these professionals. Real estate agents or members of the community where you're moving may also be valuable resources.

  • Research senior move managers in your area and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities, as explained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Reach out to the Better Business Bureau for customer references to contact.

  • Always ask service providers to verify proper licensing and insurance coverage.


Compare the Services and Cost Breakdown

Before you finalize your decision, carefully compare the services provided by each move manager. The details of each service provider may vary, but some services are fairly standard:

  • Choosing a realtor to sell the family home

  • Decluttering and presenting the home

  • Helping you downsize

  • Organizing an estate sale

  • Packing furnishings and possessions

  • Loading moving trucks

  • Unpacking at the new home

  • Setting up furniture and arranging other belongings


Find out whether you'll be charged per service or whether all services come as a package deal. It's helpful to determine your budget ahead of time, so you don't find yourself paying more than you expected. Follow these budgeting tips according to experienced movers.


Compare Moving Costs

In addition to comparing services, you should consider how you'll be charged. Look for a senior move manager who provides a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Your final bill may be lower than the estimate, but you won't be charged more. A binding estimate means that you'll pay a fixed amount even if you believe the mover overestimated the weight of your belongings. With a non-binding estimate, you may pay more or less than the original quoted estimate.


Settle Into Your New Home

One important step you need to take before your move is complete is having the locks re-keyed. Use the same steps to find a reputable locksmith that you used to choose your move manager, including asking people you know for recommendations, reviewing customer testimonials, and making sure that licensing, bonding, and insurance are in order. Some local locksmiths may offer a warranty. When it comes to comparing costs, keep in mind that an average door re-key runs between $50 to $150 per lock, but costs may vary from one location to another.


When the stress of downsizing your belongings and leaving your home and neighbors behind is over, you still need to settle into your new home. Fortunately, experienced senior move managers help you get comfortable and make sure that you're safe in your new home.


Share the Load

After a lifetime of looking after and caring for others, you deserve the chance to simplify tasks during your retirement years. When you hire a senior move manager, you can still be involved in the important decisions, but you won't have to carry the burden of those decisions alone, while a realtor like Agi will ensure that your property’s value is preserved so you get the best possible ROI. Get in touch with Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL Realtor with Space Coast Realty & Investments, LLC today! 321-698-0021


July 10, 2021

3063 Glenridge Circle, Palmetto, Merritt Island FL - For Sale

3063 Glenridge Circle is in the community of Palmetto, located on Central Merritt Island FL. This 5 bedroom lakefront home has an open floor plan with spacious living areas. You'll love the easy to maintain tile floors in the living area, new carpet just installed, plantation style shutters on all the windows, large family room and the granite counter tops in the kitchen.

The office/study/in-law suite is ideally located next to the half bath. The large screened patio overlooking the lake provides a tranquil, peaceful setting. Plus, you'll love watching space launches from the privacy of your backyard! Conveniently located to shopping, dining, schools and the 528 beachline, only 30 minutes to Orlando Airport, 15 minutes from the beach. This home is move-in certified, the seller home inspection is in docume. Get more information and see all the photos at

June 8, 2021

Selling the Family Home

Family is important, and your decision to sell your home may be difficult for those closest to you. Moving can create mixed emotions, and it’s important to help your family understand how and why you made your decision. Including family members in the process can prevent strong emotions from potentially sabotaging the sale.

As soon as you decide to sell your home, set aside time to have a serious conversation with the rest of your family. If you have children living at home, they may be fearful of leaving their home, their school, and possibly their friends. Listen to them and reassure them of the safety of the family unit.

You can’t promise that nothing will change, but share the good things you expect to get from the move; a bigger home, a better job, advantages of the new area, etc. Help your children see that you’ve considered them from the very beginning and explain why it will be a good move for them as well.

Adult children might be difficult as well. Even though they have left the home, they may be less than enthusiastic for several reasons. They may question your decision to move into the new home or area, or they might simply be nostalgic and sad to see their childhood home sold.

A home is a special place and the decision to sell, especially if you’ve been in the home for a long time, affects not just you but your family. You can help bring them into the conversation by making time to listen and understand their concerns and then share your own. This way, while you might not all agree, no one will feel left out of the decision. 

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July 31, 2017

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